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Donald Kindwald is a lawyer and parallel entrepreneur who is passionate about supporting small businesses. With extensive experience in practicing small business law, owning businesses himself, and serving in various leadership roles with the Small Business Advocacy Council, Don has cultivated a unique and well-informed perspective on the matter.

On the legal front, Donald Kindwald is determined to help small businesses from the ground up and give them the critical advice they need to tackle legal issues right away. That’s why he uses his own firm, Kindwald Law Offices, P.C., to offer an initial free consultation to owners of small businesses. Having a professional network of specialized experts is crucial for any company, but especially for a small business–  particularly one in early stages of growth.

Having a professional network of specialized experts is crucial for any company, but especially for a small business– particularly one in early stages of growth.

Feel free to call me with a question or just to bounce an idea off me. If I can help you, I will. If I can’t help you, I can tell you who to call. Best of all, I won’t send you a bill until we agree that your problem will require more time than just a quick phone call or a letter.

Donald Kindwald balances his law firm and his independent business endeavors with his role in the Small Business Advocacy Council. As a member of SBAC’s Board of Directors, policy and membership committees, Don works on increasing community outreach and political advocacy for small businesses throughout the Chicagoland business community and the state of Illinois. He has also spoken at numerous SBAC events.

Over the course of his career, Don has worked in small businesses in various capacities. He currently owns a real estate company, through which he buys and sells properties throughout the Chicago area. In the past he has successfully owned and sold car dealerships, worked in consumer and business lending, managed internet-based retail businesses, and more.

Don completed his undergraduate studies at Loyola University (Chicago) and earned his J.D. at John Marshall Law School. However, he first became interested in the concept of small business at the tender age of twelve, when he began doing odd jobs and realized that business opportunities were everywhere.

This blog will share Donald Kindwald’s insights on how to build up a strong business and ensure a prosperous future — it all starts with the success of its owner. Stay tuned!