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It can be hard when you’re establishing a small business to continue to grow your skills, especially as standards and practices evolve. The day to day aspects of being a small business owner can easily pull you away from strategy growth, industry events, and targeted marketing practices that require focused attention. If these sound like areas that you’d like to improve in your small business, you’re in luck – there are plenty of free courses online to help you improve your business. It’s also important to remember not to be discouraged that there are gaps in your business education that might need improving. This sign of a great business is not always how established you are from the jump, but how hard you work to keep improving the quality of your product or service. To keep your education going, check out what these free online courses have to offer.


Law and the Entrepreneur

This Northwestern University professor-led class is an excellent resource for establishing businesses from the perspective of the law. Unless you are a trained lawyer, there may be loopholes in your business plans and best practices that warrant room for legal action down the line that you don’t know about. It’s essential to the success and growth of any small business to be legally protected as one legal battle can stifle progress. This free course discusses issues of trademarking, naming your business, creating the right financial plans and, of course, what you need to know in order to protect your personal and professional investments. It will always be essential to have a legal team on your payroll, but it’s also important to know exactly why you need them in the first place. Courses like these can only strengthen your business and the relationships with your legal team!


SBA Courses

Having launched in 2012, the SBA, or the Small Business Administration, has established itself as a key resource for small business support. Being a government supported group not only makes this an extremely credible resource, but also a trusted one. The SBA’s Learning Center has dozens of courses that help small business owners with areas such as taxes, simple business management, and government contracting. This group was born out of a need for small business support in the United States, and with the help of technology, the SBA has even been able to develop and influence hundreds of small businesses through Youtube videos and Webinars – all for free.


Entrepreneurial Marketing

This institute frequently tops the list of the world’s most prestigious universities, so having the chance to take a course with its professors is a major opportunity! This course shows marketers unique ways of looking at marketing roadblocks and also helps to develop key marketing efforts in the early entrepreneurial stages. Run through MIT’s Open Courseware program, this free opportunity is beneficial to small business owners looking to create a strong foundation to their operations.


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