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The presence of law is everywhere: at home, in the public, and especially in the office. There are hundreds of rules and regulations that each employer must follow in order to ensure the best possible experience for both the employee and the employer and in order to protect both parties from hardship and wrongdoings. Here, I’ll share a few of the most important laws that have been passed to protect employees in the workplace, and explain why they are so crucial to success.


Unemployment Benefits

As odd as it sounds, sometimes the first place to start when discussing employment is what happens when you’re no longer employed. Each state has their own individualized unemployment insurance procedures and agencies in place overseen by a joint federal-state program. For employees to receive these benefits, they must have been either let go from a layoff or a firing. Employees can receive up to 26 weeks of benefits and comparable income to aid in the sudden loss of employment.


Fair Labor Standard Act

This law establishes standards for a few major departments. Minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor laws all fall under this category. Essentially, this law lays important foundations for how employees are treated and viewed in the workplace. If you’ve ever wondered where the standards for break-time, training, and pay are housed, the FLSA is where you need to look.


Americans With Disabilities Act

Another important law established within the workplace is the ADA, or the Americans With Disabilities Act. This law strictly prohibits the discrimination against any employee or potential employee with qualified disabilities. Not only does this law provide protection for those already employed with disabilities, but gives those not yet employed the opportunity to be successful despite the challenges they face in their lives.


These laws only begin to scratch the surface of how employees can be protected within their businesses. It’s hard to imagine a time when these rules were not established and employees were subject to unfair treatment and wrongful terminations. While these laws have been created to respect the employee, it’s also important for employees not to take advantage of these rules in order to disrespect the business. There are plenty of laws in place on the other side of the coin, however, to ensure everyone is treated fairly, of which I’ll explore in future blogs. In the meantime, know your rights and do your research to make sure you are following all rules and being treated with the respect that you deserve!