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2017 has given small businesses a lot to think about. I have been grateful to have the chance to blog about some small business experiences and advice I’ve given over the years. As it is the end of the year, it’s always a great time to take a look back and what we’ve learned in order to get a glimpse of where we can go. Here are a few of my blogs from this past year that I think are worth another read.


Why All Business Should Have A Policy On Cell Phones And Driving

This title really explains it all! The reality of things, however, is that many companies do not have a policy in place for cell phones in the workplace in general, let alone while operating company equipment such as a vehicle. It’s really imperative that every business has something in place. As I state in this blog, this is both for the safety of your employees and for the protection of your company. One large lawsuit can wipe out even very successful small businesses, let alone one just getting on their feet. To review why you should adapt a new policy for your business, check out this blog.


3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Lawyer For Your Small Business

This was a great blog to write, and I really enjoyed recalling all of the advice that I’ve given and taken myself while starting my own small business. Hiring a lawyer, even for a small company, is very important. No one person can do everything alone, and a lawyer can not only help you with legality issues, but can help you to set up compliance standards and protect your employees. Revisit this blog for a few reasons why your small business should hire a lawyer in the near future.


Important Employee Protection Laws

When you have a small business, your employees can be precious and few. Even if you have a small staff to work with, you have to obey labor laws and operate in a way that offers your employees protection while they are working under you. A few of the most vital employee protection laws are the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standard Act, both of which seek to make the workplace a fair, equal, and enjoyable place to be. For more on these important laws, click here.


Digital Marketing TIps For Small Business On A Budget

Every small business has to deal with a small budget. It’s just part of the business model when you’re trying to grow early on. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can save costs when building a marketing budget. These budgets tend to be very expensive and strategy can be time consuming. With these tips, small businesses can breathe easier knowing that they won’t be breaking the bank or launching complicated campaigns.


What was your favorite blog from 2017? Feel free to comment here or to follow me on social media and for more updates.